Game Set & Match

Yellow Diamond Tennis Bracelet

Welcome back to the Diamonds Hatton Garden blog where we bring you the last from our London Jewellery workshop. As jewellers based in Hatton Garden, we have a long and established history and connection to both the diamond trade and to both the latest designs and classic jewellery designs. In this week’s blog, we look at the Tennis bracelet, it’s history and design and offer some gorgeous ideas when choosing a diamond tennis bracelet.

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After she says yes…

At Diamonds Hatton Garden we welcome couples looking forward to their very special day. Our personal service, knowledgeable team and inventory of loose diamonds makes choosing a diamond engagement ring a pleasurable and personal experience. Of course, many elements go into creating the next step; the wedding. With this in mind, we speak with Aimee Orwell,

Wedding and Event Planner at One Oake, about her career, inspiration and her top tips for weddings to help our readers with that incredible next step after the ring.

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How To Choose The Right Diamond Shape

How to choose the right diamond shape

Welcome back to the Diamonds Hatton Garden blog where we bring you the latest updates from our London jewellery workshop, diamond engagement rings and diamond jewellery. As leading jewellers in Hatton Garden we are often asked by clients about the exciting, and sometimes scary, world of diamond shapes. In today’s blog post we share some of the most popular diamond shapes, explore how each shape is different and how to choose the right diamond shape for you.

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What is September’s Birthstone

what is September's birthstone

Welcome back to the Diamonds Hatton Garden blog where each week we bring you the latest in our bespoke diamond jewellery, fancy coloured loose diamonds and diamond engagement rings. In the latest entry to our ongoing series, we dive into the wonderful world of birthstones with September’s birthstone: Sapphire.

September’s birthstone is the Sapphire, and what a birthstone it is! Highly prized and cherished for thousands of years, sapphire has been desired by civilisations across the world. Sapphires (corundum) are commonly associated with their deep, blue colours but are found in a kaleidoscope of other colours including green, yellow and, famously, the Ruby which is red. Corundum has two primary gem varieties: ruby and sapphire. Rubies are red due to the presence of chromium, and sapphires exhibit a range of colours depending on what transition metal is present during their formation. Continue Reading →

Pink Diamond Buying Guide

At Diamonds Hatton Garden it’s pink diamond week where we celebrate these most treasured of gemstones. As one of the UK’s leading loose diamonds and fancy coloured diamond sellers we share our expert and insider knowledge about all things pink diamond related to help you understand these stones better. Whether it is in a piece of bespoke jewellery, a diamond tennis bracelet or even a diamond engagement ring, pink diamonds are a versatile and wonderful choice to add to your piece of jewellery. In today’s blog post, present a guide on how to buy pink diamonds covering all you need to know about buying pink diamonds, what influences their value, what to look for and how to choose the right stones for your budget.
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Pink Diamond Guide

Welcome back to the Diamonds Hatton Garden blog where we bring you the latest in our bespoke diamond jewellery, loose white diamonds and fancy coloured diamonds. As one of the UK’s leading suppliers of pink diamonds, we are constantly in awe at these gorgeous diamonds. Buried deep beneath the earth, the magnificent jewels have been highly desired and prized by cultures across the world. In today’s entry, we examine all you need to know about pink diamonds from their formation to what to look for when choosing a pink diamond and the history of this most special of diamonds.
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Three Fabulous Loose Diamonds

Pear cut 20ct df

Welcome back to the Diamonds Hatton Garden blog where we bring you the latest from our Hatton Garden jewellers, showcase our bespoke diamond jewellery and our loose fancy coloured diamonds as well as our gorgeous diamond engagement rings. If you haven’t seen, this week on social media we are sharing a range of our loose white diamonds from our inventory which are simply stunning if we do say so ourselves!
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All About Yellow Diamonds

Yellow diamond earrings

Welcome back to the Diamonds Hatton Garden blog where we bring you the last from our Hatton Garden jewellers and showcase the very best in diamond jewellery. As one of the leading dealers in the UK for fancy coloured diamonds we are excited to offer a wide a range of loose fancy coloured diamonds to suit each client’s requirements. If you are looking to buy fancy coloured diamonds it can be difficult to understand the various factors that contribute to the price of the stone. In a new series, we will cover all you need to know about buying fancy coloured diamonds, their history and their formation, why they are so highly valued as well as showcase some of our bespoke pieces.
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Diamond Market Report 07/08/2020

Diamond market

Welcome back to the Diamonds Hatton Garden blog where we bring you the latest in our bespoke diamond jewellery, diamond engagement rings and more. As leading loose diamond sellers we offer a range of loose white diamonds and natural fancy coloured diamonds for sale. Part of our commitment to our clients is to ensure that we offer the very best both in quality and in value. That is why each week we are providing an overview to the state of the diamond market to inform our clients as to new trends, how pries are changing and what this means as a consumer.

Much like many industries, the diamond trade has been impacted with recent global events causing volatility in the market which is seen in both prices and inventory. With demand for polished stones improving in both China and the US, however, the caveat to this is that many large corporations are still cautious as to new inventory and stock due to an uncertain global future. 

As we mentioned last week, fancy cut diamonds (any cut other than a round brilliant) continue to be popular with consumers. Indeed, oval and pear shapes continue to rise in demand and it looks like China is pushing this trends. 

Retail in the US appears to be increasing and the focus on bridal jewellery continues to be a driving factor as consumers look to the future with renewed optimism. 0.70 to 1.50 ct.sizes, G-H colours and VS-SI diamonds are the most popular. Vintage and classic pieces in the second hand market are strong as HNWs seek to diversify funds and assets across the board. Estate 

Antwerp reports a slower than usual August following on from the Corona Virus crises yet this is also down to the time of year when many dealers and retailers are closed for the summer. Much like in the USA, Israeli firms with close ties to the US and Chinese market are performing well and seeking to increase inventory as are Indian companies in similar positions, Hong Kong sales have been boosted as China begins to reopen however retail and tourism is still slower than this time last year.