Loose Fancy Coloured Diamonds

Loose Fancy Coloured Diamonds For Sale

Loose Naturally Coloured Diamonds UK

Naturally coloured diamonds, also known as "fancy" coloured diamonds are extremely sought after due to their rarity and natural beauty. Diamonds Hatton Garden have one of the largest inventories of loose coloured diamonds in the United Kingdom and have established ourselves as leading natural loose coloured diamond dealers with clients across the World.  For over 40 years, our family owned business have worked with clients looking to buy a loose naturally coloured diamond, Whether you are looking for a single coloured diamond for a ring or pairs and sets for larger items of jewellery our friendly and knowledgeable team can assist you. Diamonds Hatton Garden have hand-selected our large inventory of loose natural coloured diamonds offering the highest quality and variety of hues, tones and saturations

natural fancy coloured yellow diamond pear shape

Pink fancy coloured diamond heart cut

Naturally Coloured Diamonds For Sale

Coloured diamonds are available in a range of beautiful tones and colours that have made them extremely popular as unique items of jewellery and for investment purposes. Highly sought after, naturally coloured diamonds are the result of millions of years of pressure,the  mixing of gases such as nitrogen and boron that result in the magnificent spectrum of colours we see today. At Diamonds Hatton Garden we specialise in red, yellow, pink and blue loose diamonds and are able to source other colours based on each client’s requirements.

Fancy Coloured Diamonds

Regardless if you are new to the idea of buying coloured diamonds or have a specific request, our team can assist you in the acquisition of the stone and guide you.

fancy coloured loose diamonds

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