Blue Diamond Engagement Rings UK

Blue Diamond Engagement Rings

Welcome back to the Diamonds Hatton Garden blog where we bring you the very latest from our Hatton Garden jewellers. For over 40 years, our team has assisted generations of clients to find their perfect diamond engagement ring. Often, and excitedly, changes and tastes change and evolve over time. Certain shapes become more popular, less popular and come back in fashion. This week are looking at fancy coloured blue diamonds and their use in engagement rings.

Blue Diamonds are exceptionally rare and sell on average for a higher price than other diamonds of the same carat weight. An engagement ring is a commitment of love between two people and the future that lies between them. However a blue diamond engagement ring is a piece that will stay in a family for generations to come. The rarity and beauty of blue diamonds are famous throughout the world and command simply astounding prices on auction. 

At Diamonds Hatton Garden we are proud of the skill of our team to craft these precious stones into  gorgeous engagement rings that not only symbolise the love for your partner but to craft an heirloom for generations to come. Blue diamond engagement ring have a very special significance. The serene hue of blue diamonds are reminiscent of the ocean and sky. Blue Diamonds exhibit a quiet mystery that make them stand out from other fancy diamonds. Blue diamond engagement rings  are also incomparable to any sapphire engagement rings that can be found on the market due to pre-eminence as highly luxurious and rare items.  

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Given their rarity, beauty and price fancy coloured blue diamonds are in high demand amongst collectors and investors across the World. Blue diamonds are among the rarest and are up there with Violet, Pink, and Red stones in terms of rarity. ,Most blue diamonds are rare, but blue diamonds with very high colour intensity that display a deep blue colour are the very rarest. It goes without saying that larger natural blue diamonds are even rarer and command higher prices. 

Found in only a few mines in Australia and India. The diamonds blue hue comes from trace amounts of boron. Blue diamonds are often found out at deeper depths in mines where pressure is greater which fuses the carbon and boron elements together. 

Blue Diamonds come in a variety of hues and colours with the purity of the colour often determining the diamonds value. Green and grey colours often found as secondary hues in blue diamonds however the most valuable blue diamonds are found without secondary hues and exhibit an intense blue colour. 

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The largest blue diamond in existence is the Hope Diamond held at The Smithsonian Museum in Washington DC. This particular diamond has a fascinating history. Discovered in the Kollur Mine in Southern India the diamond was taken to France where it was a gift to King Louis 14th. The diamond was the centrepiece of the french royal family’s  jewellery collection and most celebrated  ornament. However during the French Revolution the diamond was stolen and disappeared for 5 years before turning up in London. There it was sold to an American buyer and after several decades was eventually donated to the Smithsonian Institute where it has stayed ever since. The 45 carat diamond is believed to be worth somewhere in the region of 300 million dollars. 

Diamonds Hatton Garden will work with you to craft an unforgettable engagement ring that will stay in your family for generations. We use the finest and rarest metals and using our experience and skills will mount and set the stone to create a ring as timeless as the stone itself. Our large inventory of blue diamonds and expertise in the setting of such rare stones enables our team to assist you in finding your perfect blue diamond engagement ring. For more information and to arrange your personal appointment, contact our team via or on +44 7951 060238