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For over 40 years, our team of jewellers have supplied the very best fancy coloured yellow diamonds to the world's most famous brands, retail boutiques and private clients both across the UK and internationally. Offering Bond Street quality at Hatton Garden prices, our team help you to find the perfect fancy coloured yellow diamond for much less. As yellow diamond suppliers and accredited De Beers siteholders, we are able to pass on the savings directly to you offering the very best quality at the best prices.

Fancy Coloured Yellow Diamonds For Sale

Amongst natural coloured diamonds, fancy coloured yellow diamonds are one of the most popular and widely known colours. Diamonds Hatton Garden are one of the leading specialists in natural fancy yellow diamonds and fancy yellow diamond jewellery in the UK. For over 40 years, our family run team of jewellers, setters and gemologists have gained a reputation in the industry for our experience and expertise in the selling and handling of loose natural yellow diamonds. 

With one of the largest inventories in the UK, our selection of loose natural yellow diamonds contains a wide spectrum of shapes, colours, hues and saturations. Natural Fancy yellow coloured diamonds are available  in various different intensities: light Yellow, fancy light Yellow, fancy Yellow, fancy intense Yellow and fancy vivid Yellow. Generally speaking, the higher the intensity of the colour the higher the price point

Our selection of natural, loose fancy coloured yellow diamonds for sale is one of the largest in the UK. For more information and to book your consultation contact our team via or call +44 7951 060238

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Natural Fancy Coloured Yellow Diamonds

As with all coloured diamonds, it is important to understand the varieties and ranges when buying yellow fancy diamonds. The prices of all coloured diamonds depend on the saturation of colour however, there are also secondary colours or ‘qualifiers’ that are unique to coloured diamonds and do not appear on the clear diamond colour grade scale. With yellow diamonds, additional qualifiers such as yellowish-brown, canary and fancy orange-brown are often used. Whether you are looking to buy a natural yellow  diamond to set into jewellery, pairs of yellow diamonds for a pair of earrings or a portfolio for investment purposes our experienced team can help you.

Discover our beautiful loose fancy coloured yellow diamonds for sale and contact our team via or call +44 7951 060238 for more information.

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Natural Fancy Coloured Yellow Diamonds

Generally, coloured diamonds acquire their colours due to the presence of gases during the formation of the diamond. With natural fancy coloured yellow diamonds, the diamonds acquire their wonderful yellow colour due to the presence of nitrogen molecules during the forming process. Absorbing blue light, the nitrogen molecules inside the stone cause the diamond to reflect as yellow.

For more information about our selection of natural coloured yellow diamonds or to enquire about commissioning fancy coloured yellow diamond jewellery, please fill out a contact from below or email call +44 (0)7951 060238

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